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Know How

The SNPC could meet the multiple needs of a demanding clientele thanks to ten years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of chemicals. In fact, The SNPC has a production facility of 1200 m2, meets the high quality standards and regulations for safety and environmental protection. 

The Know-How of the SNPC resides in its expertise in chemistry, ensuring a wide range of products ideal for the most rigorous quality requirements:

  • Anti scale and anti corrosion products for steam boilers.
  • Anti scale and anti corrosion oilfield products.
  • Anti scale and anti corrosion products for closed circuits.
  • Products for treatment of domestic hot water
  • Biocides for treatment of cooling towers.
  • Biocides for oilfield applications.
  • Industrial degreasers.
  • Declares and degreasers for industrial circuits.
  • Oxygen scavenger
  • H2S scavenger.

Each batch of product manufactured tested for quality control and has an analytical ensuring compliance and safety data sheet certificate.

The SNPC’s clients  include institutions in the oil sector but also private companies wishing to form analysis, occasional or more regular water control and  waste ( regulatory compliance, self-monitoring ...)

The LAE offers its customers a wide range of services, including :

  • Identifying indicators of a chemical or biochemical pollution: determination of COD, BOD5 and suspended solids, the detergent dosage, dosing chlorides, nitrates and nitrites, etc.
  • Controlling the quality of drinking water, industrial and agricultural use (pH, conductivity, hardness).
  • Analysis of heavy metals in trace amounts by atomic absorption by flame spectrophotometer with  generator of gaseous hydrides.

Why the LAE:

  • Experience in the field of water analysis and oil since 2002.
  • Know-how and proven competence
  • A performance at the forefront of technology equipment.
  • A range of services that combines the speed, efficiency, availability and confidentiality.